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Us Americans here just got a call from the American embassy. They let us know they are keeping tabs on us and are concerned about our situation.  They also that after we are out and all safe and sound, that they are going to commence a massive country wide campaign to educate about how viruses are spread and not to fear every foriegner that crosses your path. So that’s that.

I figured I might as well keep up with some of my regular blogging activities, since I have the time, and the inclination.

Teaser Tuesday Hosted by Should Be Reading

 Post two “teaser” sentences from what you are currently reading to get folks interested.

“Others subsequently thought that Krakatoa, or the more common local form Krakatau, derives essentially from one of three words, karta-karkata, karkataka, or rakata, which are the Sanskrit and, acoording to some, the Old Javan words meaning “lobster” or “crab.”

…rendering this story less credible; though perhaps rather more credible than the notion, briefly popular in Batavia, that an Indian ship’s captain had asked a local boatman what name was given to the pointed mountain he could see, prompting the local to reply, kaga tau, meaning ‘I don’t know.’ ”

From Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded by Simon Winchester

In a quarantine facility somewhere between Incheon and Seoul, South Korea. How often am I going to get to say that?! (Well hopefully not too much more often.)