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Fall Music Update
September 2, 2012, 8:03 pm
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Playing Dry Water with my two right hand men, Drew Wyman and Devon Colella at Blue in Porland, ME
I’m a day late getting the September dates out while sipping an afternoon coffee and listening to Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!.  So far I’ve learned that punching Will Smith’s shoulder will result in broken fingers, and that fake moustaches are a sign of manliness (as opposed to the ironic moustache).

At the last minute this month has filled up with dates for folks who are interested in coming out to see music that rides the line between familiar and original combined most often with bass and cello.  One of the challenges of live shows is giving folks something familiar enough that they are willing to be open to the original music that is being presented. Last night we got a wide range of requests from people at an adorable venue in Naples called the Lost Lobstah.  Everything from Jackson Browne to Tracy Chapman.  I keep getting asked for Janis Joplin, and although it is a guilt of mine that I haven’t worked one out yet, I refuse to learn Bobby McGee.  That goes on the top of my 100 most over-covered songs right next to Mustang Sally.  BUT, if there is a song that you love that you’d like to hear me do, I’d be interested to hear your suggestions!

Tomorrow night!  Sept. 3rd, LLBean’s Monday night songwriter’s Series at Coffee by Design.  I’ll be answering phones tonight at Northport, and singing my heart out on Monday.  Runs from 6 to 8pm at the Freeport Coffee by Design.  I’ll be joined by Drew Wyman on bass and Devon Colella on cello.

Sept. 7th, Barley Pub in Dover, NH.  This is my first foray into this region, so I’d deeply appreciate letting your friends in the area know about the show. I’ll be joined by Drew Wyman on bass and Rob Sylvain on Dobro. 8 to 11pm

Sept. 8th, Benefit concert for TriCounty Mental Health Services: Help Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan get the counselling and services they need!  This is an in-the-round style songwriter concert.  I am really honored to have been asked to do this, and hope that everyone who can will support the cause.  The round will be myself, Brian Patricks, Kate Shrock, and Peter Alexander. Click here for tickets and more information.  Lewiston Middle School Auditorium, 7:30pm.

Sept. 14th, Amalfi’s in Rockland.  We love Rockland!  Devon Colella and I will be bringing our music to what we’ve dubbed The Bathroom Lounge gig.  Seriously, we love this place, the bar, the food and the staff are fantastic, but the location of the musicians is slightly, ahem, awkward. 6:30 to 9:30pm

Sept. 15th, Easy Street Lounge in Hallowell. We had a blast in Hallowell a couple of weeks ago, and look forward to branching out to this new venue. 9pm

Sept. 22nd, Blue, Congress St. Portland. This is a monthly songwriters’ round that I host at Blue.  In September I’ll be joined by Tom Whitehead and Bob McKillop.  Both fantastic, and wildly different songwriters.  6pm sharp!

Sept. 28th, Local Buzz, Cape Elizabeth.  One of our regular and very cozy gigs.  8 to 10pm

Sept. 29th, Andy’s Old Port Pub, a fun joint with lots of atmosphere and music seven nights a week.  I’ll be joined by Devon Colella and some other great pickers I’ll wrangle in for the night.  8:30 to 11:30

Thanks and hope to see you out and about,

Shanna Underwood