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A new album, a new place, a few new songs
December 9, 2010, 10:03 pm
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After a year and a half of Asian travels, foreign languages, pictures of exotic places, and eclectic folks, it’s been great to be back in Nashville for a couple of months. I have been creating, just in a different medium. I’ve finally finished a new record: Field Notes from a Caravan. Nine songs spanning years of travel in four different countries.

We are 100% finished with the recording, and will be ready to send to press within two weeks. We have to be, since I am once again leaving the country, this time headed to Mexico for a five month teaching position in Tlaquepaque right outside of Guadalajara.

Here is where the shameless self-promotion comes in. We’ve made a fantastic record, Azal Khan, Josh Pessar, Kevin Gordon, Eric Elsner, Troy Jones, Chris Clawson, Moriah Harris, Dan Schaefer, Joe Bloom and I. In order for you to hear it, and for me to keep traveling and writing songs to tell you stories, I need a little help from my friends.

Although I can’t guarantee a Christmas delivery, if you were so inclined to preorder a copy, pay for it in advance so I can get the printing done, and wait by your mailbox patiently, a magic little package complete with a signed disc, some snappy schwag, and a happy musician on the other end will arrive at your doorstep soon after New Year.

Don’t just wait for the itunes or .mp3s to become available – first because if you do that I may not be able to release the album, and second, because it sounds better and comes with cooler stuff in pure physical form.

$13.00 per copy
$10.00 per copy if you order 2 or more.
$1.00 for shipping domestic or international

I made a handy-dandy paypal button, but wordpress won’t let me post it soooo..
For paypal use rubysales @, or e-mail me at the same for options other than paypal.

I also have many of the photos that you have seen on this blog for sale at You can buy prints of my favorite photos from around Asia in postcard, greeting card, poster, and many other forms. Red Bubble makes extremely high quality prints and is a great artist community.

Thank you to everyone who supports my art, my music, and my travels. Cheers to years and years more!