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Last days in Beijing
November 29, 2014, 5:19 am
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Life has a way of completely running away on it’s own tracks – I’m talking that super fast Japanese train that goes like 500 miles an hour.  I meant to post the last batch of pictures weeks ago.  At this point it barely even feels like I was just in China with a good travel buddy exactly a month ago.  I’m back to having a microphone attached to my mouth, and headsets on my ears.  Working in that same void where you are disconnect-idly connecting to people.

I got to spend a few extra days in Beijing, because I missed my flight.  It was a long ride to the airport, and I went to the wrong terminal.  In my defense, all the terminals are labeled as international.  I was then sent on a chase down a bizarre maze of hallways to find a locked doorway.  Which I hurt my hand banging on in a fit of desperation.  And then I realized that being trapped in China was pretty much exactly what I wanted.  Eventually the person on duty came back from lunch and rebooked my ticket (for a meager fee) for a couple of days later.  I should have asked for a week later. Work be damned.

The last two days in Beijing were by far the best, and we soon found out why: all the factories had been shut down on account of the international conference that was happening – our president included.  To make a good show, and clear skies, production came to a halt.  And clear the skies it did.

Behai park, pre-factory shut down:

DSCF4595 DSCF4604 DSCF4608 DSCF4610 DSCF4616 DSCF4617 DSCF4618 DSCF4619 DSCF4629

And an early dusk back to the city.  It’s not nearly as late as the light would appear….




DSCF4634 4pmish?

And then Jingshan Park, the day after the factories stopped.  We found this park completely on accident.  I forgot what we were looking for, but this was the best possible happy accident.  Even if the congealed ginger chicken we had on the way completely sucked.



DSCF4674 DSCF4664



DSCF4680 DSCF4673

We also visited the White Cloud Confucian temple that same day, which I really recommend.  It’s not close to anything else, and wasn’t very crowded.  It was like walking back in time.

hit the bell with a coin and get your wish...

hit the bell with a coin and get your wish…





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