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Guanajuato – The City that is a Castle
March 24, 2011, 3:57 am
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For only the second time since I’ve been in Mexico, I had a two day weekend. Road trip!

I headed to Guanajuato, the city that I’ve heard so much about from every other teacher I’ve met in Guadalajara. It is pure magic. The entire city looks like one giant castle, with stone streets, stone walls, an entire subterranean roadway system, and bards roaming the city in what look mideval costumes.

I arrived late Saturday night, and was a little nervous about finding my hostel. The bus dropped us off downtown – underground. It just stopped in the middle of a tunnel (of which there is a tangle of rabbit warren like roads under the city), and told everyone to get off. The tunnels are clean, well-lit, and a haven for youngsters who want to make out where their dad’s can’t see. When I popped up to the surface, the city was a gorgeous and busy maze of lights, people, and stunning cathedrals.

My roommates at the hostel were a merry band of Korean folks who immediately invited me up the rooftop for a bottle of whiskey and reminiscing about the land of morning calm. It was a great evening with an amazing view from the top of Casa de Dante. It was really nice to hear some Korean language again and trade stories about places we’ve lived. These folks all work for Samsung Engineering and get to travel around the world working on different projects.

The view from Case de Dante. Keep that giant pink church across town in mind, I ended up walking to it on Sunday.

To say this city is a maze, is an understatement. Roads go under each other, around each other, up mountains, and down spiral staircases to nowhere. It is a land of dreams, and for a kid who believes in dragons, would be fantasy on earth.