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Last Train to Knoxville
June 2, 2011, 6:59 pm
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Shows for this weekend:

Today, Thursday, 6/2, Main St. Cafe, Berea, KY, 6pm

Sat., 6/4, Common Grounds Coffeehouse, Lexington, KY, 9pm

Sun., 6/5, The Purple Fiddle, Thomas, WV, 1-3pm


After some warm-up shows in Nashville, I’m officially on the road. First stop Knoxville, and my favorite radio station anywhere in the country, WDVX. They play all the stuff I like to listen to, so it felt darn good that I was allowed a slot on the Blue Plate Special. Some Knoxville friends came down, which was great, but I flubbed up worse than I probably ever have for anything. I played the entire first song completely wrong. The chords were in the right order, and I sang the words, but that was about it. I started with the wrong groove. At this point, there are only two options, stop, admit the mistake and hope to garner some audience sympathy, which in most cases I would have no problem doing. But this a live radio show, and one of my favorites. I decided to just try to make it work. It did OK, but I’m going to skip over that one as I edit out a song or two for your listening enjoyment. I felt like I hit a good stride by the end, but I still hate talking between songs. That was one nice thing playing in Mexico. There was no point for me to try to tell stories since most people wouldn’t have understood them. We could just stay in a nice little musicians bubble on the stage.

Blue Plate Special

The photo is from an awesome dude named Peter Scheffler who not only photographed the show and had a burned CD ready for me before I left so I could use them as promo shots, but he also bought a CD. This guy really loves music.

The other band on WDVX Tues. morning was
Scythian They are awesome, and use their respective family heritages to combine several different world regions into a highly energetic style with lots, and lots of different instruments. But I really liked their tour vehicle – an old Church Bus. They definitely don’t come across as the pious type.

Tuesday night I went down the Preservation Pub. I thought it was a songwriters night, but it ended up being a benefit for storm relief for the Red Cross, which was way cooler. They let me play a set even though I wasn’t on the roster, thanks to a guy named Pete. It looked like they raised a bit of money, which Preservation Pub matched dollar for dollar. I offered a couple CDs for the cause, or my dirty tour socks, but no one wanted those.

I hung around a bit the next morning, and went and saw the Wed. Blue Plate Special. I’m glad I did because Sam Lewis made me tear up at least twice. Check him out.

Click here to hear a clip from the WDVX show:
Venus Burns – Live WDVX

Buy Fieldnotes From a Caravan and put gas in my car. I’m also in need of toothpaste and face wash.

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