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Last Call for UB
October 17, 2010, 8:11 pm
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We hitched a ride into UB from Tariat with our hosts. After a day of negotiations, and seeing that we really weren’t going to get what we wanted, which was to be dropped off in Tsetserleg, we agreed on a price and to spend a couple of hours in Tsertserleg before heading to UB. Well, since the van didn’t even leave until 6pm, it was well after midnight before we made it there. Not exactly good timing for sightseeing. We realized the family that was driving never had any intention of allowing us to hang there, they just wanted to make sure we paid the whole fare to UB instead of getting dropped off where we wanted. We needed to get to UB in the next day or two, so it didn’t really matter, it was just a little disappointing.

There were also five cows in the back. Slaughtered and ready for the black market. Five cows and five foreigners. Not bad business for our friendly drivers.

There is a really unique temple in the northeast part of town down a little winding road.

Ode to Lenin

A private language school in UB is looking for four teachers: Job posting.

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I just read all your posts from Mongolia and, wow what an experience you had! Luckily your companions from Spain seemed to be quite reliable. At least you didn’t have to struggle with a dull axe 🙂
Journey to Khatgal via Moron was … I actually don’t know what to say. It was quite amusing reading about it I guess as much as it was unpleasant to be part of it.

Are you done with Mongolia? Where is the next stop (USA?)?

Comment by Milan

I like the picture of the neighborhood up on top. Reminds me of Korea in the late 1980s (I was a teenager then), only with a little more color.

Comment by kushibo

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