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Ulan Bataar
October 5, 2010, 9:47 am
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Although I can see the appeal for some folks of living in Mongolia for an extended period of time, UB itself is not that appealing of a city. First of all, it’s half Korean. Korean restaurants, Korean stores, Deawoo and Hyundai everywhere. I asked some folks why there is so much Korean stuff in Mongolia and the response I got was, “Who knows, maybe they are trying to buy our country.” There isn’t much to do in the city except go to expensive foreign restaurants and bars. A few museums, a smattering of old temples, and endless amounts of dust. Cars here rule. It is a difficult city to walk in. Drivers don’t slow done, don’t heed walk signals, and wouldn’t think twice about hitting you if you are in the way. I’ve been a lot of places with wild driving, but UB might be the worst. Well, India is pretty horrendous, but this is bad. 





The old and the new.




And this cracked me up. Seinfeld anyone? 


I don’t know what is happening to my picture server. They are showing as right side up in the edit, but then they are sideways in the post. Apologies, maybe they’ll right themselves at some point.

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