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Saturday Rambles and a Fajita
April 17, 2010, 9:04 pm
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In light of my quick, out of the country trip next weekend, I forced myself out of bed and onto the subway yesterday for a little exploring. I usually end up staying around my neighborhood, or going into Seoul, which after all this time is a shame since there are so many subway stops between here and there.

Sometimes with my pictures of temples, parks, and such, I think I may be sending home a vision that is not really Korea. The vast majority of the country actually looks like this:

and this

(That castle in the background, I thought might have been a gaudy love-motel, may actually be an over-the-top wedding hall for folks going for the prince and princess theme.)

…and this

To the left of that Toona building, is what I came to Songnea searching for. Rumors of a taqueria. TacoRia is to the left of that building down a little street. This is the best Mexican style food I’ve had in Korea. I’m a fan of Taco Chili Chili in Noksapyeong, but this was even better. Rather than a pre-assembled fajita, the well-spiced chicken, rice, really good salsa, and vegetables come separate so you can make your own on – gasp – corn tortillas! Actually two flour and one corn, but next time I’m sure if I ask for just corn, the owner Dong Kyu Kim would oblige. It also came with a side of the ever illusive condiment in Korea, real sour cream.

For a few minutes I lost myself and thought I was back at a taqueria on Gallatin Road. (Hey Carol, what kind of ridiculousness is the Eastwood church posting lately?)

Besides being really friendly, Dong Kyu is a great cook.

From Sognea, I went on to Bucheon where I was hoping to have better luck with their underground and market for some random clothes items, but not so much. It was a nice day walking around, and in both Songnea and Bucheon I caught some fun things to share.

Flipping the bird is a popular gesture here. Even my youngest boys seem aware of this insult, although I’m pretty positive they have no idea what it means. This was the entrance to a bar, not a very friendly one by the looks of it. 🙂

I would like to go to the dentist soon, but this place looks more like the set for Saw.

Random English on clothing. Buns of steel?

Key Cut While You Watch

I don’t know, I’ve been subjected to a couple of kimchi boongs on the subway. I don’t think they are very sweet.

And just something pretty.

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It’s particularly fascinating to see your photos of the excess of South Korea – I’ve been reading a lot about North Korea and the lines they’re fed there about how South Korea has a 50% unemployment rate, and homeless people filling the streets. Especially loved the absurdist castle. Man, I’d have a wedding there just for the irony factor. Hee.

Comment by Sage Tyrtle

Hi Sage! I’m really glad you are enjoying the posts. I’m headed to Taiwan next weekend for a short vacation, and can’t wait to see how Taipei compares to Seoul. Have you ever read This Is Paradise!? It is written by a young boy who escaped N. Korea and he talks alot about the school textbooks and how they say things like “If two western pigs take five apples and three western pigs take three, how many did the capitalist murderers take?”

Comment by therubycanary

It is really rare to see beggers in the streets here. The ones you do see seem to be legitimately unable to work because of handicap or mental illness. I have never seen able bodied people just sitting around begging for money.

Comment by therubycanary

I shouldn’t say rare. It totally depends on where you are. In my area, it is very rare, but there are a few places in Seoul where it is common.

Comment by therubycanary

Wow – those buildings are incredibly obnoxious. I do love the bird flipping bar guys though ;0)

Comment by Bumbles

Those buildings might be obnoxious, but that is literally what 70% of Korea looks like.

Comment by therubycanary

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