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A little late in the game. Joining the readathon in hour 18.
April 11, 2010, 5:59 am
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If this were a party, I’m sure I would dis-invited. As my book-blogging turned real life friend Bybee has pointed out, I am of an age, and hence decided to spend last night with some engaging, intelligent, beautiful, and handsome friends rather than do another read-a-thon. But as it is 2pm on a Sunday, and there is a little bit more time to go. I’m going to join in and read a little to at least add to the overall page count.

I’m going to start with a copy of a book that I had been wanting to get my hands on for years. It was my favorite book when I was in elementary school. The school library copy has the succession of my hand-writing from first to sixth grade, as back then you still signed the little paper card that got stamped with the due date. The copy I have now is a withdrawn library copy from Centennial elementary school in Winnipeg.

I recently found an affordable copy (as I’ve seen this book listed for as high as $120), and had it delivered to Korea, where it has hence sat on my bookshelf. Considering my early obsession with the book, and that the fact that I had been wanting to re-read it for a decade, I’m not sure where my ambivalence to this copy came from when it arrived. Today is as good a day as any to reconnect with the YA classic.

To Nowhere and Back by Margaret Anderson

I love books with maps at the beginning. Even if they are fake.

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I’m glad you’re here! It’s pretty quiet in Readathon land, though.

How great that you were able to track down your elementary school book obsession.

Comment by bybee

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