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In search of beans
March 19, 2010, 3:57 pm
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So, I ran out of the amazing coffee beans I had from home. New Mexico Pinyon coffee that a true friend sent in a care package, and the Atlantic Roast by Coffee By Design, the micro roasters next to my mom’s house in Maine. I have a morning ritual, that unfortunately doesn’t involve anything good for me or constructive like meditation, exercise, or reading the New York Times. Just hand ground, french-pressed coffee and the distraction of the internet and a book balanced on my lap.

I wasn’t having any luck finding good coffee beans in the Bupyeong area. There are some really clever coffee shops – Grace’s behind Woori bank, and a really cute, rustic hole-in-the-wall place down a side street adjacent to that, but neither of them sell their beans. Why would they when they charge $4,000-7,000 won per cup?

I thoroughly enjoyed Roboseyo’s post on this coffee shop in the Hongdea area and the Kopi Luwak coffee he and a friend purchased there. That would be the coffee beans passed through the digestive system of a Civet, for your enjoyment. The Kaldi Coffee Club was exactly what I needed. A huge selection of beans, ground or whole, a nice atmosphere, and even better, a great Tapas restaurant around the corner where I had an amazing mushroom pasta with a mug of mulled wine.

Bally Peaberry in a pretty cup.

For anyone who cares, I went with the charcoal roasted Bally peaberry. It’s mild enough to drink black. It gives me an excuse to go back to the shop because this is a better afternoon coffee. I’m going to try to find something more robust for the morning hours.

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Oh good. I read the first part of your post and thought I’d need to recommend it, but I’m glad you read my recommendation. I’m sipping blue mountain, purchased there, and ground on the grinder I bought there as well.

You should seriously try the Kopi Luwak sometime… they’ll let you buy it in increments of 50 grams if you ask.


Comment by roboseyo

I’m not a connoisseur by any means but I was in Seorae Maeul today having lunch and I noticed this little coffee place, went in and bought some. We’ve only had one cup so far (Arabic style) and it was so much better than the Starbucks we usually drink. They didn’t have a huge selection, maybe 10 or so to choose from, but it was such a cute place & they were really nice. They actually helped me talk my husband out of buying the most expensive German coffee grinder I’ve ever seen. This is the place:

Comment by Sandra

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