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And it begins! With Cork Boat.
October 24, 2009, 11:26 am
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Cork Boat by John Pollack

So begins 24 hours of leisurely reading, tea, and enjoying being in my apartment with no expectation to be anywhere that requires a three hour subway ride, a backpack with “things.” I love Seoul’s public transportation, but I don’t feel the need to always be on it. Unfortunately, I went out with coworkers to the local foreigner’s bar last night, and feel about as bad as I’ve ever felt, so my participation in the read-a-thon may be even more leisurely than I had planned.

My first choice, as I finish up getting prepared to sit down and dig in, is Cork Boat, by John Pollack. It looks light, fun, inspiring, and fairly short. “A spirited and charming tale of a man who throws all away to fulfil a boyhood dream of building a boat made of wine corks.” Of course he had a lot volunteers and friends help him, and he had the money to not work for a period of time. It makes me wonder, how many interesting and fulfilling things people would get done if they didn’t have to work their lives away? I have been really fortunate in getting to incorporate lots of travel (my life goal), and great experiences with being able to pay basic bills as both an archaeology tech and an English as a foreign language teacher.  I wish everyone the same, and happy reading!

First sentence: “My first boat sank.”

Pollack was featured on a special about people following their happiniess.  The piece on the cork boat starts at 3:40, and shows them using the actual boat a little further in.

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Sorry that you feel bad. I hope that the books and tea will set you right. Cork Boat seems like a good choice for your first book.

Comment by bybee

Wow, a boat made of wine corks? That IS an interesting hobby! Happy reading and best of luck today!

Comment by Lenore

I’m reading in the Read-a-Thon as well. When you take a break from books & want to check it out, visit my blog; link above.

Comment by Elsi

Err… the link wasn’t “above” in the comment, but rather is linked to my name. Oh well!

Comment by Elsi

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