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Dr. Fish
August 30, 2009, 5:00 pm
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In what seems like a perfectly normal coffee shop, Dr. Fish has tanks of little fish that will eat the dead skin off of your feet for 2,000 won. It was really creepy and weird at first, but after about a minute I got used to it. Some Australian guys came and sat down next to me, and were squealing like babies. It made me feel tough, and my feet feel great.

Toe nibblers.

Toe nibblers.

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There’s a beach in FL where those fish are EVERYWHERE. I used to love to just lay back on the sand bar and let them nibble on my toes and what not.

Comment by krtastic

i saw that on a tv show recently. Aren’t you the brave one for trying it. Jean


I heard those guys squealing; I thought they were Americans. lol

Comment by bybee

I think that is totally gross! Especially in a coffee shop :0) My good friend saw/read about this type of foot treatment about a year ago and is hell bent on finding one somewhere – she thinks it would be awesome. I told her she’s lucky I go with her to get a traditional pedicure (I hate the file and squeal like those Aussie dudes) – much less fishies knawing on my feet *shiver*

Comment by Bumbles

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