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My Apartment
July 17, 2009, 10:33 am
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Since my weekend plans got delayed due to the monsoon rains, I’m hanging out for yet another weekend of reading, sleeping, and dreaming of the days when travelling is once again pleasant.

Some folks have asked about my apartment, and I’m sure my descriptions have left varying opinions in people’s minds.  There shall be no more wondering; here is the real deal.  I’m pretty lucky, I really like my apartment.  It’s small, but has beautiful etched windows that make all the difference.

The main room/livingroom/bedroom/closet

The main room/livingroom/bedroom/closet

Pay no attention to the kitchen behind those doors.

Pay no attention to the kitchen behind those doors.

The bathroom is the most interesting setup.  Similar to most Asian bathrooms that I have been in, there is no separate shower stall.  The whole bathroom is tile, and the shower just juts out of the wall, sprays all over the bathroom, and the water goes down a central drain.  The only downside being the occasional wet toilet seat.



My favourite part of my room is my bookshelf.  Complete with a well travelled Buddha, and a plant I’ve already almost managed to kill.


The rainy view from my window.

The rainy view from my window.

The brown building across the way has a ping-pong room on the top floor.  Like going to play pool, except not.

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You have shelves in your bathroom! No fair! I also do love the doors, they are quite beautiful 🙂

Comment by Kristi

Your apartment looks cozy and comfortable, glad you have your own bathroom too…easy to clean.

Comment by Shana Jaques

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