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24 hour Bibimbop
July 13, 2009, 3:18 pm
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We get out of work around 11pm, which leaves the dinner selection quite limited.  By the time I finished grading papers tonight, all the other teachers were gone without even saying goodbye.  I guess it was a rough one for everyone.  I think the humidity before the rain broke kept the energy level for students and teachers alike pretty low.

There is a great 24 hour restaurant right next to the school that we frequent.  The night staff is two Ajammas who are always chatting away with each other when we walk in.  The waitress Ajamma and the cook Ajamma.  Sipping tea, gossiping I assume, and ready to whip up typical, really cheap Korean food at anytime of the night.  I’ve learned more Korean from these two ladies than from anyone else in Korea.  Endlessly patient, and used to all the foriegn staff at our school, they’ve taught each of us individually how to order, what to order, and how to figure out how much it costs at the end.  They are amazing teachers.  I stopped in by myself tonight and had a hot tuna and kimchi soup with rice on the side (Chomchi Jigea).  Pretty tasty, and really spicy.
chomchi jigea

Aeri’s Kitchen
– Blog with pics and how to make chomchi jigea.

When I left the restaurant it had started pouring rain.  I keep forgetting that this is the monsoon season, and one should keep a compact umbrella stuffed in their purse at all times.  The Ajammas were so worried about me going out in the rain, they insisted I take an umbrella from their stash with me.  I fell so loved.  Fed and kept dry, what more could you ask for.

On a completely different note….

It appears that Kim Jong Il has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

I saw it first on Air America Radio, which I enjoy but don’t always believe. A quick search around the internet, and it appears to be true. It seems he was diagnosed with cancer after a stroke last summer, but managed to keep it quiet.

The Guardian

The Korea Herald
NY Times

The biggest fear I have heard, is that people are worried about his son being a much worse despot than “the dear leader.”

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