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Little China in Big Korea
June 13, 2009, 3:09 pm
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I headed out with J. to explore Korea’s official Chinatown today.  The entrance is right outside the very last stop on the #1 line, Incheon station.  It seemed to me to be a tourist area designed for Korean and foriegn tourists to the sanctioned Chinese area of Korea.  I enjoyed it nonetheless.  A good break from miles of concrete highrises, this really small area of about four square blocks is packed with trinkets, restaurants, and molds of chinese-looking statues.



I don’t know if they do this every weekend, or if it was some kind of occasion, but there was a parade with drummers, and the chinese dragon.  The two people dressed as the dragon were on tall wooden beams, and the would jump as a team from beam to beam while doing a dance.





View from the top of a hill down to the docks in Incheon.


East meets West.  Although I know in my head that about 30% of Korea is Christian, I can’t help but find the crosses and churches here out of place.  When I was in Nepal, the most militant missionaries trying to save Nepali souls were Korean folks. 


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Beautiful pictures.

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