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We’re free, and confused.
May 31, 2009, 9:38 am
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All the people, the flashing lights, the signs! What do I do?

We’ve been relased from quarantine and sent to either our locations, or various hotels around the city. There is a rumor that no hotel will take more than six foriegners at a time right now. I haven’t really heard at all what I’m doing, so I’m enjoying catching up with MSNBC on some American politics. I ventured out with a group, but couldn’t stand both the influence of “group think” and the hustle of it all. I guess I need a couple of days to reacclimate to the real world.

Jim rescued a small child whose head had gotten stuck in a fence. The mom was very grateful, maybe she will tell everyone we are not just flu infested pigs.

Talked briefly with a nice old man who lived briefly in Los Angeles. He gave me the most jubilent Welcome to Korea I’ve received yet.



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Welcome to Korea finally.

Comment by joy

That flower picture is beautiful.

Comment by Amy

Sanna, We’ve been reading your blog diligently everyday and enjoy it. Not enough about your close friend J one floor below but we are glad you are out in the free air now. G & G.


I’m glad you’re free…hope we can meet up before my U.S. trip June 25th.

Comment by bybee

Teakbay just called, they are trying to deliver the care package… are there any foreigners left in quarantine??

sorry I didn’t get it mailed to you guys in time ㅠㅠ

Comment by stephannie

Glad you are out of quarantine. Take care…

Comment by Jim Kloss

There isn’t anybody left, actually they told us all we had to leave, but transportation hadn’t been arranged yet. They moved getting us out by a couple days at the last minute, and the folks responsible for us had to scramble around and find us places to go and people to get us there. We ended up waiting in the parking lot for minivans for about three hours.

Comment by therubycanary

Oh gosh! Finally!

Comment by Milan

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