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My dear, dear Colleagues,

There was a time in college, oh so long ago for myself, when I lived very briefly in the dorms. My inability to contain myself from hurling insults when I’m asleep, besides being a sign of some anger management issues I haven’t dealt with when I’m awake, made me quite unpopular amongst my late night peers.

That was a college dorm. This is a quarantine facility that I would like to get out of with both my health and my reputation as a professional English instructor intact. 

Apparently there are a group of folks in here who do not feel the same way.


The next time I am woken up by the sound of excess alcohol being forced out of someone’s esophagus, I will not be so kind as to inquire if someone has food poisoning. Although my demeanor is generally mild, I have brought grown men to tears on more than one occasion.

Although I am sure this opinion will not make me popular here, I want to remind everyone acting in this manner, that this is not club med, a vacation, or a 24-hour dance club on Ibiza.

You will have plenty of time to imbibe in the local drink of choice when you are out in our new country of residence acting as an ambassador of culture. There will be plenty of time to show your true colors after you are placed in a professional, paid position. Your true personality can shine while you are acting in responsibility of other people’s children.

If you don’t think that teachers’ reputations are a big deal in this country, try perusing a few blogs, or maybe just check this one post out.

For the people who delivered the alcohol that started last night’s party: please don’t. I know you are trying to make our stay here more pleasant, but it really just causes more complications. I’ll gladly join a few folks for a drink after we get out of this, which, at present, is a little ambiguous as to when that is going to be.

Mis.Adventure Esquire

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THANK YOU! Though I am not in quarantine, and I don’t want to speculate what it must be like day in and day out in a building, I have to say that some of the blogs and interviews I’ve been reading have been so disheartening. Thank you for standing up for your beliefs. I hope that your fellow teachers begin to respect your situation and start to wisen up.

Comment by In Full Agreement

The people doing the bad behavior are LUCKY that they Koreans don’t start locking them in their rooms . . . I don’t know where the line is for how much Korean medical staff will tolerate but if it’s gets crossed the people breaking the rules will definitely get a lesson in obedience . . .

I really hope they grow up and stop the immature behaviors.


Comment by kimchi-icecream

Let them drink and smoke its a farce anyways!

Comment by t durden


Yeungnam teachers took up donations of reading materials, notebooks, playing cards, a couple of games and some stationary…. it’s not much but we managed to fill a #6 size box~!!

Here is the registration number for the post : 671060201844 name RubyCanary

the post office wanted a name & phone number, so we put that blogger’s name as it sounded.. well … more like a name.

Sorry, no smokes or alcohol ~:-(

Best wishes~!! keep blogging, we’re advid readers~!!!

Comment by Stephannie White

Good points. Actually, when I looked at the Junior Herald article it was for the paper exaggerating the threat of foreign English teachers, especially to their audience of children. And even though tobacco and alcohol are extremely, um, popular, it would probably behoove people to be on better behavior.

Comment by Brian

What do they mean by if cigarettes and alcohol are consumed? There is no if only will!

Comment by Kiss My Kimchi

Thanks Brain for the comment. I meant the link to point out how our behavior is over-examined, and quite frequently elaborated or lied about. Given that, I don’t think it’s a good idea to give people even more to gossip about.

Comment by therubycanary

Thank you!

Comment by therubycanary

Sounds like a living hell to me. I’m glad that at least you have books, the internet and a cool roomie. I feel for J – probably didn’t intend to try to quit smoking using the quarantine method eh?

Comment by Bumbles

“Ambassador of Culture” — this is an important point that deserves some comtemplation.

Comment by Kiko

oops… coNtemplation. (better fix that before the spelling police caught me!)

Comment by Kiko

I imagine that this is some of what you have to look forward to once you’re out.


Comment by Jason

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