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China following the lead – Westeners in Quarantine
May 28, 2009, 7:42 am
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Why do they make headline news? We were quarantined first. Sniff, Sniff.
May 26th:
24 Americans quarantined in China

Same story in ChinaView

I guess we weren’t the first, these articles and video are from May 5th……
ABC News – 1st American to die (showed many health factors besides the flu) and Americans under quarantine in China.

USA Today – a measly four Americans in Quarantine in China, they’ve got nothing on us.

Seriously though, I hope everyone is fine and gets to go on their merry ways soon.

Even NBC!

May 3rd:

Some Mexicans quarantined just for having a Mexican passport, regardless of where they had been staying previously.

Update for those of us in the South Korean quarantine.
We received this e-mail from the American Embassy today:

I’m certain that your biggest question is when you will be released, and the answer we received is probably the same that you have already heard: seven days after contact with a person who has contracted the virus. That means that some people could possibly be released as early as Monday, but if other cases arise, it could be several more days until you are released. The Ministry of Health says it uses international guidelines favored by most countries and followed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

I’m hoping this doesn’t change our exit date, although it makes it sound like we may be here seven days past when the last person was sent to the hospital, which was yesterday. That may not be the case, it’s just me making worse case speculations. I stick by my observation that people who are the healthiest are actually going to end up spending the longest time in quarantine.

Another blog recounting a story of foriegn/Korean interaction about the flu.


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Hopefully it will be all over for you guys by Monday. Thanks for the updates and posts. I doubt I could have stayed as upbeat.

Comment by Flint

I bet you really love your computer more than you ever have before…

Comment by Jenny Yasi

Sorry to hear you are still in quarantine. Hope you have books or can ask for books in English!

Comment by Book Bird Dog

Thank you for stopping in at my site.
I closed my eyes for a minute or two to send you my best good vibes.
May you be home soon.
Waving at you with love from the country that loves you.

Comment by Frances

Media hype, gotta love it.

Comment by Amy

Off topic–but relevant to you, I think, cause you’ll be teaching in a hogwan:

This is the best hogwan blog I’ve seen in Korea.


Comment by Jason

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I hope you have been writing some songs/a song about being “locked up”, instead of Folsom Prison Blues, I like the Tamiflu Blues you said earlier. Or it could be Korean Quarantine Blues. I don’t know. Missin ya’ll we’ll be camping this weekend so we’ll drink some tequila for ya’ll!

Comment by Jennifer Duncan

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