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Pizza Loves Women?
May 26, 2009, 5:50 am
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On a lighter note, lunch.

What is this about Mr. Pizza loves Women?

Love for Women Mr. Pizza

Love for Women Mr. Pizza

Some proof that the embassy knows about us, and that it was even the Korean government that gave them the list of names:

Our son is among those quarantined. Before he left for Korea, he received no warning from the US Govt not to go.
When we hadn’t heard from him in 2 days, we called the US Embassy in Seoul Sunday night (Monday afternoon Seoul time) and the Duty Officer was very helpful. She seemed to have some knowledge of the facility (dorm-style, no individual phones, sporadic internet access) and had a list of names of those who were there, which they had received from the Korean government.

Found in the comments section along with other good information on this post His new post has some interesting information and foreshadowing for how this is going to spin out.

Another “warning against foriegners” account on Staypuff.

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Mr. Pizza markets themselves as being a more healthy pizza franchise and with toppings that appeal to women. They also offer discounts to women (I think). Their current flagship pizza is a crab-meat pizza.

Comment by Neil

That’s funny. We were speculating that they were EEO employers, or maybe it was to appeal to young men to buy it. I don’t think the spaghetti alfredo with bacon they brought for lunch was exactly a healthful choice! 😉

Comment by therubycanary

You guys might want to check out the posts I wrote for new foreign teachers in Korea–they’re written for public school foreign teachers but have a lot in them that is relevant to you too.

The link below has all of them come up on one page on my blog. Or you can look at the right side of my blog screen for the “labels” and click on the “New Foreign English Instructors/Teachers in Korea (33)” link to the posts . . .

Get well soon,

Comment by Jason

I have it on relatively good authority that the reason we know how much Mr Pizza loves women is quite simple, and um, not even very interesting: when he’s in the house, the woman does not have to make dinner, and there’s very little cleaning up to do …

Comment by The Bobster

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