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May 10, 2009, 8:56 pm
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Hocking Hills in southeastern Ohio is famous for a unique geologic form called recess caves. These aren’t really true caves, as they are not underground, but were formed by softer layers of sand sediment being washed away from the undersides of cliff faces during the period of glacial retreat.

Jim and one of his longtime friends brought a small bunch of us to a private area they discovered and have been coming to for almost ten years. It is not in a public area and has only a small trail blazed by them to an area with a couple of large recess caves tucked away in the woods. There were still remnants of their last fire and some cans they had left (naughty, naughty).

When we got there, what used to be a lush forest for as long as Jim could remember, had been rented to a logging company. Although the caves were still in the woods, the first mile had been clear cut. “Rented” seems an interesting word, as they may be renting the land, the trees themselves don’t come back.

Entrance to our first cave:



Second “cave” split rock:

Our friend Josh, who could start a forest fire with nothing but a rumor and his mouth, led the rest of our party to believe that we were bringing them to this second cave so that Jim could propose to me. We’ve had much different things on our mind what with the intercontinental move, but it made for an entertaining afternoon.

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Yeah, well Korea sounds much more … inspiring šŸ™‚

Comment by Milan

I love secret hideaways. I do not love clearcutting. Thanks for sharing this.

(p.s. – stop on by our place when you have a chance to see the small spotlight we shined on you).

Comment by Bumbles

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