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Thursday Thirteen
March 26, 2009, 12:56 pm
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I can’t believe it’s Thursday again already.

Things Jim has said to me, that if I didn’t know he was joking, would be grounds for a break-up. He’s a funny one.

1. When I commented that my ass was starting to resemble a shelf, “That’s great! You need someplace to put all these damn books.”

2. Don’t tell me what to do Devil Woman.

3. When the bad cat rips the toilet paper roll to shreds, “He’s yours devil woman.”

4. I like my new status as devil woman. I saw a bumper sticker once that said, “Be the kind of woman that when you get up in the morning, the devil thinks, ‘Oh shit, she’s up.'” 5. Which is usually what Jim thinks when I get up because I get up a lot earlier than him and can only wait so long before I start poking him and demanding that we do something productive with the day.

6. Maybe there aren’t 13 things on this list, especially since Jim is a physical humor kind of guy. 7. The devil cats woke me up at 6 this morning, so I’m obsessing.

8. We just did a survey job together in Northern Kentucky. At alternating times we both wanted to quit, especially while working in the rain, but luckily not at the same time, or we might have just driven off in the truck, thinking that it would be our last CRM job anyway. 9. This may not be true now that the dollar has tanked so bad, or initial offer in S. Korea is worth half of what we thought it would be. 10. Even though I’ve taught English in two different Asian countries, and Jim’s never taught or been out of the US, he was offered a higher rate of pay then me. I told him he just always has to pay for dinner. 11. Since we heard from a couple people that they often base your pay on how attractive they find you, Jim said he must be $200 a month more attractive than me. 12. Which is really funny because Jim is really insecure about his appearance, even though I think he’s adorable. Which brings me to ….

13. “Jim, do you know where the broom is?” to which he replied without even blinking, “Why do you need to go somewhere?”

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Oh, man. That’s awesome. Keep ‘im.

Comment by Ann Bruce

Funny. Yeah, I’m thinkin’ I’d have a few problems with those comments too, if I didn’t know he was joking. My guy, Ornery, is a lot like that. Keeps life fun!

Comment by orneryswife

Great list!! The shelf comment and the broom comment are so great! That is so my sense of humor!! Love it!!

Comment by jen

Heh! I love the broom comment – it’s quick and clever, but I can see how it would grate if you didn’t know he was being funny.

Comment by chameleonsdream

ROFL, one day you wont be so sure he’s kidding and he’ll be in BIG trouble then!

Comment by fidget

Hehehe, I just imagine you with books ! funny TT !

Comment by Gattina

Great list – I’m still laughing! You should read better yet let him read it!

Comment by Tamy ~ 3 Sides of Crazy

Where can I get that bumper sticker???? I Love it. Thanks for this great list. Thanks for stopping by. Happy TT! Rikki

Comment by rikkiscraps

love the 4 & 5, i always joked to my friends that when they die, they have nowhere to go,bec even the devil will close the door of hell bec they will dethrone him bec of their evilness! 😀

Comment by FickleMinded

I love a man with a sense of humor. #1 and #13 both cracked me up. Your man has a quick wit. I hope you give him a hard time back. 🙂

Comment by Shelley Munro

Keep following him around and taking down his comments. Love #13.

Comment by colleen

I got another one today. I was supposed to be helping us merge in the big truck today. I guess my answer was confusing because J’s reply was, “Just get out of the truck. Your such a bad driver your not even a good passenger.” There is some truth to that, and it was funny.

Comment by therubycanary

{LUV} the post…That Jim sure does have an oblique sense of humor…
Gotta {luv} ’em 🙂

Comment by {S.T.U.F.F.}

Devil woman?!? I like that…it fits me too;) Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.

Comment by Lori

OK…now I have got to have a look at Jim and see if he is $200 more attractive.

Funny bumper sticker.

Comment by bybee

I love your sense of humor 🙂 Jim’s too!

Comment by Janet

Cute! Love that sense of humor!

Comment by Sarah

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