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Thursday Thirteen
March 19, 2009, 4:09 pm
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I haven’t done one of these in a long time. Thursday Thirteen is a blog group that posts, every Thursday, 13 interesting, mundane, profound, or pointless things; just for the sake of doing it.

Things I Hope to Learn in South Korea.

1. How to make a good Asian Noodle Soup. Noodle Soup
2. I hope to spend much time hanging around temples, learning better meditation skills, and immersing myself in Buddhist culture.
S. Korea Temple

3. How to speak a little of the language. Korean Although, when I was in Nepal, there were some Christian Korean missionaries trying to convert teachers at my school, and I literally thought at first that I was hearing dogs barking. It turned out to be two ministers speaking to each other.
4. How to be a better teacher.
5. How not to get lost in the world’s 11th largest city, Seoul.

6. Find out if I like kimchi. Kimchi

7. How to get to other places and get paid such as Mongolia, Bhutan, and Cambodia.
8. Do some research on time periods when Buddhist culture was oppressed by various forces in Korea.
10. Get to travel around the country, although it looks like we’ll have very little vacation time.
11. Finally meet, in person, my bookcrossing friends who have been living and teaching in S. Korea.

12. Learn some local music, maybe even take up a traditional instrument. S. Korean Instrument

13. Temples, Temples, and more Temples.
(My thanks to the owners of all the images I just used off of google image search.)

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Hmm… food, temples, language, travel – are you sure we’re not parted sisters?

Comment by chameleonsdream

Happy travels…

Comment by Ric

May you enjoy your stay in South Korea.

Comment by LissaL

I hope you have a great time!

Comment by carmen

You had me at Asian noodle soup.

Comment by aliceaudrey

Hi! I like number 5 a lot because I don’t like to get lost either. That is why you should always have a map!

Comment by Courtney

Sounds like you have some great goals for your trip. I look forward to reading about your journey.

Comment by Tricia

Simply gorgeous! A mini vicarious vacation.
My TTs (each different) are up at both The Eclectic Witch TT and Thorne’s World TT Search terms

Comment by Thorne

Hope you have lots of fun in Korea!! A good friend of mine loves kimchi – but I’ve never been brave enough to try it!

Comment by cassie

Gosh I thought T13 died! (Last time I checked I found farewell message)

Oh that would be an experience! I was absent for quite some time lately so this is very new for me. When did you started to think about Korea? Is it the same program like in Thailand and Nepal? (maybe we should exchange few emails? LOL)

And that #3!!! Err…

Comment by Milan

It’s not the original T13 people, but some regulars that wanted to keep it going have made a nice site. Korea came up pretty quickly. I got laid off in Jan. and have had no luck finding work at all. Jim found a company that sends people over, so we decided to apply. It is a little different in that this is an actual paid position, as opposed to how I’ve gone as a volunteer and made my own schedule before. If you get the chance, we are hoping to have as many friends visit as possible.

Comment by therubycanary

Kimchi’s a wonderful thing…

Comment by bybee

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